This Is All Kinds Of Wrong of the Day: A Muslim woman has filed a discrimination lawsuit against Southwest Airlines for allegedly removing her from a San Jose-bound flight after she told a Verizon representative on the phone “I’ve got to go.”

Huh? Read on:

Irum Abbassi, who was “readily identifiable as Muslim by what she wore,” wrote in her complaint that a flight attendant thought she heard her say “it’s a go,” and called security to escort Abbassi off the plane.

Once deplaned, a TSA agent quickly determined that Abbassi did not pose a risk and allowed her to re-board. Except that she couldn’t: The captain reportedly barred her re-entry, claiming crew members were “uncomfortable” with her presence.

Abbassi is suing for punitive damages.


Ugh. What’s going on with Southwest Airlines?? First the lesbians kissing, now this!

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